What are the basic things I need to know about having a Web site of my own ?

1. You need a Domain name. ( this will cost approximately $15.00 per year )  
 2. You need a piece of real estate on the world wide web. ( this is approximately $130.00 per year, for entry level site  ) e-commerce sites are more expensive to host.
3. T.L.E Design web development starts at $500.00 for entry level site.
4. You may need a logo design which starts at $100.00

How does ordering work ?

   Once you have contacted us with an initial inquiry, and some discussion has taken place,
( usually by phone)  and you feel reasonably confident about what you want done, then a price can be discussed and agreed upon, at which time a *deposit is required  before the work can begin, with the balance being paid upon completion.

* the deposit amount may be small or large depending on the order. Usually it's 50% of the agreed upon total price, but we also offer custom payment options for web design.

Can I get an Estimate ?

   Yes, no problem ! You will not be committed to anything until a " meeting of the minds " has taken place, so you can feel free to make any necessary inquiries without obligation.

Additionally, TLE is a small private business and takes pride in attention to detail and customer satisfaction!  References are available, so choosing T.L.E Design is risk free.

How are Payments made ?

Payments can be made by cheque, or money order if you prefer, made out to T.L.E Design. All the particulars will be made available once contact is made.

As the client what do I need to do to get my site started ?

Think about what you really want and need in a web site, or if it's a logo what kind of feeling or style you want to convey. Give us a call and we will take the time to discuss all the different considerations and options with you.
If your not sure what you need, or want, in a site, or logo,we can help you to discover what your options are, and the best way of developing ideas resulting in the best design for you.
You can  help in the process by providing us with photographs of your place of business or the products you sell. We provide stock photography at no charge. If you want custom photos taken of your business we can provide that service for you for $50.00 per hour.

Once the work begins, how long does it take ?

  Depending on the order, and your availability for feed back, it can take just 1 or 2 days, for a custom graphics order, or up to 2 weeks, or more for a web site.  A time estimate can be agreed upon at the time of the order.

If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to contact us !
Free Enquiries & Estimates without Obligation or hassels...Just drop us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours or less!