Copyright Statement

All photographs, sketches, logos, Animations,Prints (except where noted),
are the copyrighted property of the
owner T.L.E.  Design  (Tranquillity Lane Expressions)

Copyright  Law

Copyright law is the legal protection that all artists are granted by the Government of Canada ( April 10/1928 ), The International Berne Convention, The World Intellectual Property Organization, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, among other protecting statutes, laws and standards.
A copyright is a way an artist can claim authorship for the unique and original work they produce, and for them to earn a fair livelihood  by controlling the usage of their creations. Through dedication and creative talent, an artist serves society by their work and by giving vision to their concepts, and creations.

A created work is considered protected by copyright as soon as it exists.
The creator - or the owner of the copyright in a work - can enforce rights administratively and in the courts, by inspection of premises for evidence of production or possession of illegally made- "pirated" - goods related to protected works. The owner may obtain court orders to stop such activities, as well as seek damages for loss of financial rewards and recognition.

Ownership of an original piece of artwork, confers no free additional rights, unless otherwise transferred by the owner in writing. An owner holds these rights for their  lifetime plus 50 years.

A Derivative work is one that is "recast transformed and adapted" according to copyright law. A Derivative work created
without the permission of the copyright holder will constitute an infringement.

All content and images on this website are copyrighted. All Rights Reserved.
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